Growing in Faith

Christian faith starts in all sorts of ways, but there are some things we all need to do to continue growing in faith. Listening to and learning from Scripture is one of the most important.

Some things in the Bible are easy to understand, but lots of things aren’t. That’s where sermons come in - helping us all better to understand and engage with what we read, and to be challenged truly to live out the Bible’s teaching in our daily lives.

Below you’ll find links to listen to our recent sermons. Clicking on the link will open a new page from which you can listen, download or cast the sermon audio (depending on your device).

File sizes can be quite large, so you may want to connect to WiFi rather than use mobile data.

Series: For Good

  1. Relationships’, 7th July 2019, Craig Holmes

  2. Creativity’, 14th July 2019, Chris Kennedy

Series: Called to Serve

  1. Called to Serve’, 5th May 2019, Chris Kennedy

  2. Made to Measure’, 12th May 2019, Craig Holmes

  3. Right Place, Right Time’, 19th May 2019, Chris Kennedy

  4. Confirming God’s Call’, 26th May 2019, Craig Holmes

  5. Equipped for the Task’, 9th June 2019, Katie Byard

  6. Taking Risks’, 16th June 2019, Chris Kennedy

  7. Forgiven Failures’, 23rd June 2019, Dave Rayner

  8. Devotion and Calling’, 30th June 2019, Emma Hughes

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