Church Alive

Once you have made provision for your loved ones in your Will, you have the opportunity to make a lasting gift to God, by leaving a legacy to His Church.

A gift in your Will to St Richard’s is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can continue to support its mission and ministry within our community. It can be an expression of your gratitude and thanksgiving towards God, and can help keep our church alive and active in our community and transform its future.

Many of us give a portion of our income to support St Richard’s, but God calls us to be stewards of everything we own, not just our income.

Writing a Will helps secure the future of the people you love, but have you ever considered leaving a gift to St Richard’s to help secure the future of your church?

Your Will
Thinking about what happens after death is something lots of people avoid, but it shouldn’t be difficult for us as Christians.  We are people with hope in Jesus Christ for an eternity with God.

But we need to make sure that we’re prepared practically as well as spiritually.  Whatever our age, it’s good to write and keep a Will and to keep it up to date.

If you were to die without a Will your loved ones could face a lot of trouble and expense, and a court could end up deciding how your property is divided and who looks after your children or dependents.

By writing a Will you ensure that your estate is shared out in the way you choose, and in a way that benefits those you love and honours God.

You are strongly advised to seek professional advice and to see a solicitor when making or revising your Will.  A standard Will costs around £100 + VAT and the Solicitor should outline the cost upfront before you visit them.

The Church of England has set up a dedicated Church Legacy team to provide information and guidance on leaving a gift in your will.  ‘Gifts of Faith, Hope and Love’ is their new guide, and provides both spiritual and practical information on how to include a gift in your will.

To request a free copy (or for general information) please call the Church Legacy Information Line on 08445 870875, or go download a copy online:


An Amazing Gift
St Richard’s welcomes all legacies, however large or small, and the PCC has committed to using such gifts to fund significant projects rather than simply using them to pay running costs.  With this in mind, gifts left for the general purposes of the parish are most helpful.

Over the centuries, generous Church members have left Gifts in Wills to their local church. These gifts have often resulted in the transformation of parish mission and ministry.

No matter how large or small, each legacy gift enables our church to play its part in the unfolding Christian story in our area.

Think of all that St Richard’s already does in its community – reaching out with the love of Christ to children and families, befriending the lonely and supporting older people, providing practical advice in parenting and money management, providing a place for Christian worship and discipleship, and many more things beside. 

And we do it all as expression of our love for God and with a desire that others might understand God’s love for them too.  And every gift enables this ministry to continue and to grow.

So thank you for considering leaving a legacy gift to St Richard’s.  Our Vicar or Treasurer will be happy to speak to you in confidence if that would be helpful.