Our Services

Worship is central to the Christian life, and the core of our church's life.  On Sundays we normally have two regular services:

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Holy Communion, 9:00 am
Our first service of the day is Holy Communion - a traditional service of hymns, readings, sermon and prayers in contemporary language. Each week we focus on some aspect of the Christian faith and its relevance to the world in which we live.

Morning Worship, 10:45 am
Our second service is Morning Worship - a relaxed and informal service for people of all ages, with worship songs and hymns led by a band, readings, a talk and prayers. The first part of the service is often focussed on the children, who are then free to go out to their own Sunday Clubs (ages 3-11) or to the supervised crèche.  The service lasts around an hour.

On the first Sunday of the month we have Family Communion - similar to Morning Worship but with the chance to celebrate Holy Communion together. The service usually lasts for an hour and a quarter.

On the third Sunday of the month we usually have an all age service - God's House - a shorter, more interactive service for people of all ages. There are no children's clubs for this service but the chance to worship and explore faith together. The service lasts about three quarters of an hour.

Family Communion, 10:00 am
Occasionally we have a combined service, coming together as one church to celebrate the major Christian festivals (Christmas, Easter) or special church events.


EvenSong, 8:00 pm
Taking place half-termly on Sunday evenings, EvenSong is an informal reflective evening service that’s open to everyone as we gather to sing/play/listen, reflect and pray.

At this service there will be sung worship (using familiar hymns and songs), the opportunity to learn new hymns and songs for Sunday morning services, a short reflection, and time to pray together and encourage one another on the eve of a new week.

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming occasional services or changes to our usual pattern.

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