Because of the scale of need, we have developed a master plan involving the renovation of the whole building, and the creation of new space to grow. The full £1.5m project will allow us to:

  • ensure safety and access for users

  • enable multi-group use of the building

  • provide high quality spaces for meetings, seminars, courses and concerts

  • enhance the welcome and quality of environment provided

  • and expand provision in every area of the church and community's use of the building.

Key areas of the new building include:

Foyer: a multi-use, glass fronted foyer providing a quality welcome, information point, café space, toilets and storage.

Meeting rooms: three new rooms providing space for courses, seminars, children and youth groups and external groups' use (the largest two can be partitioned or opened into one large space).  These first-floor rooms will be served by a disabled lift and have access to a disabled toilet. A small coffee lounge provides the link between these rooms.

Enlarged worship space: By extending into current offices, the enhanced worship and meeting space will have a seating capacity of over 150, with the possibility of opening screens to extend into one or two halls (providing a total seating capacity of up 400).  This space will enhance the sanctity of worship but also provide an unmatched resource for the community (for example, in hosting musical concerts or large meetings).

These spaces have been carefully planned to preserve the best of existing features of our building, while creating space for growth and enhancing our external visibility and welcome.

Phase 1

While we are working towards our goal to raise £1.5m for the revitalisation of our entire building, the focus over the coming year is securing the funding needed to restore our badly leaking roof and urgent repairs to our existing spire. Out of the £300,000 needed for the roof’s restoration, we have already raised over £200,000. With your help, we can reach our goal in the coming months.

Read more about how you can support Project Grow financially.

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